• All in one
  • Smart and innovative
  • Easy and efficient

Aixeena Modals is a Joomla module to display your content (HTML, iframes, images, videos, embed codes, articles, modules, files...) in nice modal windows.

Aixeena Modals is...

  • Easy to install and configure thanks to an efficient and intuitive control panel.
  • Modern and innovative, developed with a clean, unobtrusive and efficient code using the standard CSS3 and jQuery.
  • Compatible with all browsers and devices: Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, IE9+, Android, IOS, Dolphin...
  • Responsive.
  • GNU licensed.

Aixeena Modals content options

Here there are the different content options to display into your modal windows:

  • HTML custom code (HTML, images, banners...)
    Using the HTML option you can enter/edit your content into a HTML editor and display it in a modal window. 
    You can use this option to display HTML, images, banners...

  • Custom code (iframes, Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter, Banners, Ads o Facebook widgets or other any embed code).
    Using the code option you can easy show any embed code in a modal window. Check the option Code on the Content tab and paste the code into the code text area.

  • PHP code.
    You can use also the code option to run php code into the modal content. Just check the code option, paste the PHP code into the textarea and enable the eval PHP option.

  • HTML / PHP files - NEW
    You can upload and use own PHP/HTML files into the modals window.
    You must upload your files to the modules/mod_aixeenamodals/tmpl/files/ folder first. Then select your file on the HTML/PHP file selector.

  • Content Joomla articles
    You can display any Joomla content article on a modal just selecting the article option and inserting the article id.
    After it you can also configure some options (show intro or fulltext, readmore button..).

  • Joomla modules.
    Selecting the module content option you can make modal any Joomla module.
    Show in a modal box your modules (contact forms, logins, news...).
    Remember, the given module will only be returned if it meets the following criteria: 
      1- it is enabled; 
      2- it is assigned to the current menu item or is assigned to all menu items; 
      3- the user meets the access level requirements.
    Note: you can enable the module on a non visible position.

    This option gives a extra functionality to all your modal contents.
    Enable this option to load the any content by AJAX.
    This option is usefull if you don´t want to load the modal content when the page loads. 
    The search machine indexer robots like Google will not index the content, so you can preserve the content from them. 
    You can use it also to minimize the the weight load of the page or to load dinamic content.
    Combining the AJAX option with a PHP file content can be a great idea.

Aixeena Modals features:

  • 10 differents in / out effects
    Select and configure the in and out modal effect between more than 10 effects.
    Make your website special and different from the others showing your modals with nice CSS3 effects.

  • Modal design
    Choose between 8 predefined templates for your modal.
    You can also customize by your own the modal design: background color / image, text and link colors, header, buttons...

  • Overlay design - NEW
    Choose between 10 predefined templates for your modal overlay.
    You can also customize by your own the modal overlay design: background color / image, opacity...

  • Overlay disable option
    You can enable or disable the overlay and/or the overlay modal close action.

  • Modal sizes and responsive design.
    Choose between fixed, responsive or full screen size.
    » Select fixed size to keep the modal size on all screen resolutions (not responsive).
    » Select responsive mode and set the maximum size for the modal. The modal will be responsive on smaller devices.
    » Select full size to get a full screen responsive modal.
    You can also display a modal with automatic height, 100% height or 100% width (NEW).

  • Modal position
    You can enable/disable the auto-center option to keep the modal on the middle of the screen or set your own top/left/right/bottom positions.

  • Custom Scrollbar Plugin - NEW
    Enable or disable the amazing Custom Scrollbar Plugin on your modal box.

  • Close and read more buttons - NEW
    You can enable or disable the top close button and the bottom close and read more buttons.
    The top close button is fully configurable, you can choose between a few predefined close "X" images or upload your own image.
    You can use it on the left or on the right, and if you want enable the timer option.
    The bottom read more and close buttons are fully configurable too.

  • Next and previous buttons - NEW
    Enable next and/or previous buttons to show another modal from the open one.
    This option is amazing to have a set of modals steps, and tour between them!

  • Module visible layout 
    You can show in the module, HTML text, Code, and a launch button
    Activate or disabled this option to show/hide all this options on your module position.

  • Auto load option
    You can enable the auto-load option to display the modal at the beggining, when the page loads.
    You can use this option ton display adds, banners or any anouncement to your users.
    You can enter the minimum width and hight to active auto load (if you want to disable this option on small devices).
    You can also combine this option with the close button timer.

  • Auto load on scroll to bottom - NEW
    Enable the auto-load on scroll to bottom to show automaticly the modal when de user reaches the bottom of the page.
    You can set the pixels distance to the bottom.

  • Modals open frecuency options - NEW
    This powerfull option for auto-load options, lets to configure how often then modal is going to open in the site.
    » Everytime (by default the modal will be opened each time the user reaches the site).
    » Browser session (the modal will be opened only one time for session).
    » Cookie time control (the modal will be opened only one time until the cookie date is overdate).

  • Button timer out - NEW
    Enable this option to show a countdown timer on your modal window.
    You can also enable the option to auto close the modal when the timer is timeover.

  • Launch the modal from any HTML element
    Just add the class "open-aixeena-modal-xxx" (where xxx is the Aixeena Modals module id) to generate a new launch action to any HTML element (link, div, button, image...).
    For example: class=""open-aixeena-modal-102" to open Modal with id = 102 .
    Remember that you must publish the Aixeena Modal module and disable if you want the module visible layout.

  • Launch the modal from any Joomla menu item - NEW
    Add the class "open-aixeena-modal-xxx" (where xxx is the Aixeena Modals module id) to a menu item (System links - External Link) to generate a item menu that displays a modal.
    » Publish the Aixeena Modal module and disable if you want the module visible layout.
    » Set the manu item link option to "#".

  • Launch the modal using the two API functions - NEW
    You can call the Aixeena Modals open and close Javascript functions:
    » Call the function aixeena_modals_show('aixeena-modal-103') to open the modal with module id=103;
    » Call the function aixeena_modals_close('aixeena-modal-103') to close the modal with module id=103;


To install this module first download the module, and then install it like any other joomla module in the back end extensions section.
Remember that this module is for Joomla 3.x


Click here to download Aixeena Modals


Aixeena Modals is open source and with GNU General Public License.


This module has been developed by @ciroartigot for Aixeena.

Acknowledgements and used codes

Aixeena Modals is made for Joomla 3 (GNU General Public License v2)
Aixeena Modals uses Bootstrap 3 Buttons Code licensed under Apache License v2.0
Aixeena Modals uses Custom Scrollbar Plugin  under the MIT License. 
Icons are thanks to Glyphicons Free licensed under CC BY 3.0
Aixeena Modals is inspired on NIFTY MODAL WINDOW EFFECTS

Thanks to all