Aixeena Share Buttons is a set of a Joomla plugin and a Joomla module to show nice share buttons and a functional share bar on the bottom of your site.

These are the main features:

  • Aixeena Share Buttons plugin shows a pretty set of buttons on your Joomla articles. You can show the buttons after/before the content and choose buttons, color, design, size, align...

  • Aixeena Share Buttons module shows a pretty set of buttons on your desired module positions. You can also choose buttons, color, design, size, align.

  • Aixeena Share Buttons don´t include external and intrusive javascript or iframe codes, it only uses 2kb of inontrusive javascript and a small stylesheet.

  • Aixeena Share Buttons uses only svg icons for the buttons.

  • Aixeena Share Buttons don't make your page become slow, because it don´t connect to external sites to show the buttons, your SEO become better with Aixeena Share Buttons.

  • Aixeena Share Buttons shows a pretty and functional bottom button share bar on small and medium devices (with the whatsapp button too).

  • Aixeena Share Buttons includes the posibility to show Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus, Pinterest and Whatsapp buttons.

  • Aixeena Share Buttons is fully configurable, you can configure wich bars and buttons you want to show, and you can configure on wich devices you want to show them (medium or small devices). You can also configure colors, sizes, align and choose between circles, squares and buttons.

  • Aixeena Share Buttons is Open Source and GPL licensed, you can use it on unlimited domains.


You can test Aixeena Share Buttons on this page, whe are using it!!! :)


Aixeena Shar Buttons is:

not intrusive (no external connections / iframes)
quick and light (good for SEO)
a plugin and a module
with 3 sizes, 3 forms, 4 designs
with a beautifull button bar (special for small/medium devices)
for unlimited domains and no suscriptions


aixeena share001
Aixeena buttons on article



The pretty bottom bar for small/medium devices
You can also display the bottom bar in large devices if you want
You can show Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest and Whatsapp Buttons

aixeena share002
Aixeena buttons on article with square buttons and
the bottom bar with whatsapp


aixeena share003
Aixeena buttons with white design


aixeena share004
Aixeena buttons with black buttons


aixeena share005
Aixeena buttons with gray buttons and
the bottom bar with 4 buttons


aixeena share006
Aixeena buttons into a module



Aixeena Share Butons needs to work with Aixeena System Plugin (free).

Aixeena Share don´t integrates Open Graph headers.

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