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Would you like your site have a nice clean code?
Do you want to disable the Joomla's hateful scripts and stylesheets?
With this simple plugin, your Joomla code will be structured in a clear and clean with just a click, and you can disable all codes that are not needed on your site.

You can also hide meta name generator and then base href meta.

Before Aixeena Clean Code

After Aixeena Clean Code

Disable *.js scripts that are not needed on your site and and cause code errors:

You can disable *.js scripts (JS scripts to remove from page heading (separated by ENTER) for example /media/system/js/caption.js)

And you can disable scripts that are on the HTML page (head and body).
Scripts codes to remove from page heading (keys separated by ENTER) for example JTooltips to remove any code with JTooltips' inside.
Enter a key (for example JCaption) to remove all the scripts that contains that key.


You can also remove CSS Style Sheets to from page heading (separated by  ENTER) for example /media/system/css/modal.css


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