Aixeena Easy CCK is a Joomla plugin that adds in an easy way extra fields to your articles.

This CCK plugin works with "Joomla XML Forms Fields".

Aixeena CCK respects the "Joomla Core" adding extra functionality to the Joomla core content component.

Aixeena CCK is simple and unintrusive (1Kb of code). No extra CSS, tables, js or components.

Just add your fields (Joomla XML Forms Fields) to the article.xml form on (plugins/content/aixeenacck/forms/article.xml).

And if you want to have different fields for one or more articles depending their categories, just upload your articlecatid[category id].xml (for example articlecatid8.xml for articles with category id 8) to the folder: plugins/content/aixeenacck/forms/.

Setting the CCK

  1. Enable Aixeena CCK plugin
  2. Upload your article.xml form to the plugin folder (plugins/content/aixeenacck/forms/article.xml).

Entering data in the fields

After the plugin installation and configuration you can access to the extra fields on the article form tabs:
(look at the Extra content and Extra content 2 tabs... this are the tabs where you can place your custom fields)

Showing the extra fields on the Frontend 

And finally, how we show the extra fields on the front end?

The Aixeena CCK articles extra fields are stored on the Joomla #__content attrbs field, so you must show them as other attributes:

$attrb = json_decode($this->item->attribs);
echo $attrb->fieldname;

Aixeena CCK for menu items

Add with Aixeena CCK for menu items extra fields to you menu items.

  1. Download, install and enable Aixeena CCK plugin for menus.
  2. Upload your menu.xml form to the plugin folder (plugins/content/aixeenacckmenus/forms/menu.xml).
  3. And finally  show the menu item extra fields on the front end:

Note: the menu items extra fields will be added to the menu item params so you must show the extra field as another item param:
echo $params->fieldname;

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