Essential tags is an imprescindible tags module for Joomla, that lets to show a tag cloud or tag list from a filtered set of articles, and much more.

With Essential tags you can:

  • Filter the articles by categories, tags, number of items, days, author, etc.. to get your desired list of tags.
  • Filter articles by one or more categories to have a tag list/cloud from the selected categories (for example to get all tags from the articles on "News" category).
  • Filter articles by one or more tags to have a tag list/cloud from the selected tags (for example to get all tags from the articles tagged as "extension").
  • Order the articles (ASC/DESC) by
    • Recently added to have a tag list/cloud from the most recent articles (by created date).
    • Recently modified to have a tag list/cloud from the most recent articles (by modified date).
    • Recently published to have a tag list/cloud from the most recent articles (by published date).
    • Most popular articles to have a tag list/cloud from the most popular articles.
  • Filter articles by user to have a user tag cloud/list (for example Monica's tag cloud).
  • Filter by date range to have a tag list/cloud from the last days (for example last week tags).
  • Limit the number of articles to select to have a tag list/cloud from the last posted articles (for example a tag cloud from the last 100 published articles).
  • Enable the custom tags option: with the custom tags option you can set a tag/list cloud including only the selected tags (including or not the nested tags) and excluding certain tags. This way you can have exactly the tag list that you want.
  • Show a maximum number of tags on the cloud. 
  • Filter your nested tags by level (for example a tag cloud only for tags with level 2 or more, or a tag cloud with only tags with level 1).
  • Show/hide the tags hits or ocurrences counter (you can show the tag popularity by hits, or the tag popularity by number of occurrences).
  • Order your cloud by popularity (by hits or ocurrences), alphabetical or random order.
  • Choose between cloud or list layout (use the list layout to have a clean tag list and to use your own template styles). You can also upload your own layouts to the module tmpl/layouts folder)
  • Configure your tag cloud/list with a lot of custom options:
    • Introduction HTML text.
    • Tags cloud custom title.
    • Custom "more tags" button.
    • Background color.
    • Background image.
    • Text color.
    • Module size (height and width).
    • Module padding and margin.
    • Module border.
    • Tag icons.
    • Bootstrap 3 buttons appearance (disabled, default, primary, info, success, danger, warning) and sizes (default, large, small, mini) for tags.


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To install this module first download the module, and then install it like any other joomla module in the back end extensions section.
Remember that this module is for Joomla 3.x


Click here to download the module


Aixeena Modals is open source and with GNU General Public License.


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